Asian Market


Whether for a quick business lunch or a friendly get together, Novikov offers you an exquisite culinary journey with a comprehensive menu that will tantalize your palates.

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Novikov offers a leisurely spot to wind down post work with a bespoke menu that reflects the contemporary oriental décor and embraces Eastern flavors with culinary delights. Available on weekdays from 6 to 8 PM.

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Brunch showcases Novikov’s love affair with all that is sumptuous, seasonal and unique with an eye-catching market theme that features eight different interactive cooking stations, including delicate dim sum, authentic sushi and a lavish dessert and waffle corner.

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The dinner menu represents a fantastic opportunity to delve into Novikov’s culinary philosophy, spanning the full spectrum of Asian cuisine, from exquisite Maki and Sashimi, to authentic Dim Sum and aromatic Wok dishes.

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